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Blade and Soul Kung Fu Master Leveling Guide: Searing Palm Analysis

Searing Palm

Searing Palm will apply a debuff on the opponent, which slows the opponent by 10%.buy bns gold from bnsgolds.com !

Group Buff

Attacks the mobs with Searing Palm debuff, and player will get Searing Palm Vigor which stacks up to 10 times. Group critical hit lasts for 10 seconds.

Searing Palm has 4 stages. Searing Palm can refresh Searing Palm debuff per stage, allowing the group increase critical by 10% which lasts for 40 seconds.

Self Buff

After the use of Searing Palm, the Critical increases per stage with 100% at the stage 4.

Every time the Searing Palm refreshes, the buff is 10% critical 10 seconds, 20% critical 10 seconds, 30% critical 10 seconds and 10% critical 10 seconds.

Along with the Vigor, the actual increase is 20% Critical 6 seconds. It takes 4 seconds for the Vigor to stack up to 10 times. The Critical 30% lasts for 10 seconds, 40% 10 seconds and 100% 10 seconds

The Searing Palm has high outbreak. On the one hand, it means stage 4 Searing Palm where Leading Palm and Hellfire Kick cause damage. One the other hand, Searing Palm's self damage also increase by 2 times, 3 times and 4 times per stage.

Another outbreak refers to the high Critical Hit Chance brought by Searing Palm. The group Critical Hit increases by 10% and has high self Critical Hit. The bonus attribute will also improve by the self Critical Hit increase.

Searing Palm Tips

It is good enough if Searing Palm can last 6 seconds per stage, because Searing Palm is triggered with the cooperation with the boss. If the boss fails to beat you, you will have no chance to QE. Flurry, Counter and Avenging Fist are not able to perform at stage 4. Searing Palm's buff can only increase if there are intervals between the boss' releases of skills. If you are confident about your skills and the boss is appropriately paced, you can use the first Leading Palm to trigger Searing Palm before Searing Palm use QE or Flurry at stage 2 and 3. At stage 4, Avenging Fist can be used. When the Leading Palm's CD is over, you can use Leading Palm in the end.

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